Partnerships and Aliances

A world-wide partnership network

At EADIC we cooperate with companies and key organizations in the industry in mutual benefit alliances, both in the public and private sector, in the search of offering professionals arround the world learning solutions with internationally excellence standards.

We want to push forward the growth and development of the industry, with first level strategic colaborations, in order to strengthen the exchange of experiences between proffesionals in the AEC field.


Every day, more universities and training centers become part of our network of better tehcnical specialization.
EADIC works continuously on making new partnerships so that proffesionals in more countries can access our education offer.

Industry Associations

We make part of industry associations in different countries, which help us push forward knowledge and especialization in all levels, in the framework of achitecture, construction and engineering.

Professional Guilds

We know where to find talent, which is why we have related ourselves with the most important engineering guilds and associations, to become a quality option for already well stablished professional networks.

Certification Organizations

Our academic associates count with certified pedagogic excellence, and our institutional partnerships allow us to network ina professional level world wide.

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