International Master’s Degree in BIM Management

One of the most complete BIM education programs in the world.

One of the most complete BIM education programs in the world.

Sign up at the only program on BIM training that will offer you exclusive contents and the best online learning platform, with live classes, working professionals as teachers and international recognition that will certify your knowledge worldwide.

Learn how to work with every sector involved in the development of a project, optimizing each phase of the process and reducing costs all around the project.

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Objetivos del Máster EADIC

It's time for you to take the next step on your BIM training...

  • Learn how to manage the information of a BIM project during its life-time.
  • Become knowledgeable at analyzing viability and opportunities when implementing BIM projects with economic success in your organization.
  • Acquire knowledge on budgeting and measurement, focusing on their practical application on the field.
  • Create automation processes to enhance construction projects on their productivity, quality and opportunities available during its different phases.

EADIC - Supported Learning

A methodology in which teachers, experts and counselors will be by your side during the whole learning process, based on individual cases, with technical and qualified knowledge.


When and when you want
100% Online methodology. We have no frontiers, time restrictions or locked countries.


Experience Based Learning
We base our teaching on the Learn by Doing process, using real case studies in which you will apply what you have learned on class.

Always by your side
Continuous academic support from our counselors, always ready to give you a hand.

Working Teachers
The best international teacher network, made by the most proficient active professionals.


Pioneers in Multimedia
Multimedia content. Videos and webinars made to create an enjoyable and dynamic learning process.


Dynamic and flexible
Dynamic forums, a collaborative and open space to share your opinions and experiences.


A multicultural environment in which you can interact with other students from over 42 countries, making for a rich experience sharing space.


Learn how to apply the leading methodology in the sector to for project management, keeping collaboration in mind, and work in multiple areas simultaneously thanks to real-time cross-cut information, via our unique online learning experience.

Invest today in the future of your career!

Titling and certifications

At the end of this International Master’s Degree in BIM Management, you may receive these titling options:

International Titling


Specific Degree


Specific Degree

Official European Degree

International Certifications

Bentley Certification

DALUX Certification

Autodesk Certification

Cype Certification

Bentley Certification

DALUX Certification

International partnerships

EADIC’s International Master’s Degree in BIM Management currently holds the highest certification offered by CanBIM Educational: Applied Learning – Practicum Certification.


You will also be prepared to show your professional proficiency at the TÜV Rheinland to certify yourself as:

BIM Planning & Costing Technician (EADIC) with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification*

The applicants that pass the exam designed by TÜV Rheinland will receive a certificate, and will be registered in the Certipedia database.

*Additional terms, conditions and fees may apply.


The International Master’s Degree in BIM Management is conformed by 8 mandatory modules and 6 complementary modules

  • Module: BIM Project Modeling on Revit Architecture
  • Module: BIM Modeling in Revit Structure
  • Module: BIM Project Modeling in Revit MEP
  • Module: BIM Methodology and the New Project Management
  • Module: Collaboration, Coordination and Quality Control in BIM Projects
  • Module: BIM 4D: Time Scheduling of the Construction Process
  • Module: BIM 5D: Budget, Measurements and Cost Management
  • Module: Process Automatization with Dynamo
    Final Master's Degree Project​

Complementary Modules

  • Introduction to BIM
  • Planning BIM Projects
  • SketchUp Class
  • Massive Capture and Treatment of Data in a Project
  • AutoCAD 2020 Class
  • Facility Management: BIM Applied to Building Operations

Los Mejores Profesores en Activo

Nuestro equipo docente está compuesto por profesionales en activo que se desempeñan como ejecutivos especialistas y directivos en las principales empresas del sector.

Career prospects

Our International Master’s Degree in BIM Management seeks out to raise specialized professionals in the field. This will allow you to find a career as:

  • BIM Manager
  • BIM Coordinator
  • BIM Designer
  • BIM Modeler

Be part of the biggest BIM alumni network you will ever find

Our +2000 BIM alumni are key actors and pioneers in their countries, making part of the most important development in the AEC sector in the last 50 years. You can also be part of this change!

International Master’s Degree in BIM Management

Acess today to high quality specialized education and find tools, knowledge and experiences to improve you career and reach professional success.

Pioneers in BIM Training

Access today to high-quality specialized education and find tools, knowledge, and experiences to improve your career and reach professional success.


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